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Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. Fact.

We made plans for everything; where to eat, where to go next, if we should get an iPad, where to move to, etc. All that can change in an instant.

I was diagnosed with Leukemia six days ago. I had wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts, experiences, life, love, rants. All that seems rather irrelevant now as I will be spending a lot of time in the hospital, on a hospital bed, having drugs pumped into me. Instead of wallowing in sorrow and despair, I am going to attempt to document my thoughts, rants and musings about the disease and treatments. Goodness knows it gives me something to do other than letting my brain die from boredom.

I have no doubt that some of these entries will be very angry, incoherent and moody. Such is the nature of the disease and its treatment. Hopefully, most of the entries will be happy, funny, informative and insightful. But above all, this blog is about hope and strength; mainly for me, but also for those close to me. Hope and strength so I can beat this disease, and live a full, normal, healthy life.


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