They’re reducing my pills! Hah! Yes!

Well, to be more specific, I am still taking the same pills, but at a reduced dosage. So instead of a handful of pills every morning, I take half a handful. Well, every little bit helps.

I guess this means that my body is producing enough WBCs and the natural infection fighting elements in the blood without too much help from the anti-whatevers. It also means that Course 1 is winding down in preparation for Course 2. That probably means a return to the original dosage when it starts, and probably a whole bunch of new ones as well.

The best news of all, is that I am slowly being weaned off the steroids (Prednisolone) from today and by the middle of next week, I will be off it. This means less mood swings, less water retention, a reduction in appetite (probably not so good) and I won’t look like a hamster stuffing his cheek pouches with seeds for much longer! Doctors said that this will take a few weeks to clear, so hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

I don’t see Prednisolone in the list of drugs for the next course, although there are a few that I’ve never seen before so the effects remain to be seen. I read one of them will cause a burning sensation when you pee. And ‘patients are encouraged to go immediately when the urge arrives’.


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