Growth spurt

We think Sophie’s been going through a growth spurt. Why? Cos she’s been feeding voraciously every hour! So much so that the wife can’t keep up. She’s literally been sucked dry. I’ve read that the first growth spurt starts at about 2 weeks, and can last up to 7 days! The wife’s all but given up after day 2.

Since the wife’s breastfeeding, she’s struggling to keep up with Sophie’s demands. Plus it’s exhausting having to feed a screaming baby every hour or so. We used to think that we could express some milk and store it for use if Sophie needed it. But try doing that AND feed a hungry baby in the same day. Doesn’t quite work.

It’s not just the eating that’s throwing us off. Babies going through growth spurts tend to be less settled as well. They want to be picked up, cuddled, tend to be more colicky and generally cry a lot. That sort of describes Sophie over the last few days. Normally she’s pretty good with settling herself to sleep so we generally swaddle her, and plop her into her cot or moses basket and she drifts off to sleep herself. Now we cuddle her and try our darnest to get her to sleep. We also find ourselves running to her room when the crying starts, and generally try to figure out what’s wrong. If she’s hungry, or if she needs winding, or if she did a massive poop ( cos she’s eating too much). All while trying to console a crying baby.

Hopefully this phase won’t last long. If this is what a growth spurt is like, I can’t imagine the fridge raids when she’s a teenager. 

  1. #1 by george on August 24, 2011 - 8:11 am

    4 extra hands are the way to give you both a hand but breast feeding her will have to be done by V.

    Consult the nurse about her being hungry so fast. It may be due to the fact that the milk is a bit diluted and she needs some top-up.

  2. #2 by Cloud on August 24, 2011 - 2:04 pm

    It is normal they tend to do these things. The more she eats the more milk V will have. Once she stops with feeding that much. V will be able to pump out a lot. I used to pump at night before I went to bed and they were asleep that worked for me. Than we froze that for top up for later big feeds and spurts.
    It is very tiring as a parent though and for the milk provider. As a mother you start to feel like a certain animal… that starts with C and ends we ow:-)

    My mother in law said the following words when we talked about the night feeds. I know it can be soooooo tiring when you sit there at 3 – 4 am and the only thing you do is trying to get the kid to sleep. But it wants to eat and cuddle. Remember that time and please do try to enjoy it because those days tend to past very quickly and soon they will be grown up and you will miss those little things and they will be to big for a cuddle. It goes so fast. And after she said that I tried to do just that no matter how tired I was and looking back at it now. It is actually those feeds I remember.

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