Cabin Fever

These are the things that I’ve done over the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been home.

That’s right. Nothing. Besides sitting on the sofa, watching TV (thank goodness for the Rugby World Cup), sleeping and going on the internet. Can’t go out, can’t go to the shops, can’t go grab a coffee, can’t go grab a pizza, can’t do anything. On the advice of the doctors. And with 3 paranoid women at home, can’t argue with them.

I think I’m starting to get cabin fever. The only place I go to now is the hospital daycare. Grrr. The wife and I joke that it’s become our usual ‘date’ place now since I can’t go anywhere else. Grrr. The good news is that I’ve been in contact with work and I’ll start a couple of days a week from home (maybe more if I can manage) so I won’t be so bored.

It’s important to keep physically and mentally active when recovering from the transplant. It’s way too easy to just lie in bed and vegetate the entire 3 months away, but it won’t do anyone any good. While some people may find the physical part of it more difficult, particularly if they had a rough transplant, I think to at least keep a healthy mind when recovering is important as well. Physically, I think I’m still pretty weak (can’t open a bottle sometimes) but mentally I try to stay on top of things. Hence the decision to work and to do some of my other ‘projects’.

But so far, besides going a little bit crazy confined to the 600ish square feet of home, I can’t really complain. There’re no serious complications post transplant and I usually feel fine. My blood counts are OK, immunosuppressant levels are perfect and the infection seem to be going away (yes, after 2 weeks, it’s still there). So fingers crossed, the consultant will let me venture out to some shops at relatively quiet times. I need to go shopping for a christmas tree. 🙂 

  1. #1 by george on October 22, 2011 - 1:12 pm

    The Heading “Cabin Fever” frightened me. I thought you have developed another kind of GvHD.

    Are you allowed to go and walk about in a park (say) though it is getting colder and colder each day. May be during late morning may not be too bad.

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