Still here

I am still at the Funhouse, and still getting my twice a day drip of the anti viral drug Ganciclovir. It’s not all that bad though, as they let me go home between drips, so usually the first drip ends at about noon, and the 2nd drip starts at about 9pm so I am allowed to go home in between. I get to spend more time with the baby and all that, especially now that she’s squealing and laughing and trying to turn. Not a moment I want to miss.

Bad news is that they’ve had to give me a new canula, as the old one was getting a bit blocked. Canulas are only supposed to be in a patient for about 3 days, and mine was in for 5 so it was time they changed it.

They put it on my hand this time, not the best of places as Sophie is starting to grab things and this is something that she will try to grab. Not very nice if she pulls it out. Blood everywhere!

They also don’t take blood from the canula, and they also have to check my CMV levels everyday so they have to stick a needle into my arm every morning to take blood. I do have pretty decent veins but taking blood every day isn’t something the body deals with very well.

It’s day 6 now, and it’s also the 5th day of the anti-viral course. Hopefully the CMV levels will come down enough for them to send me home with a course of oral drugs instead. I can’t imagine being cooped up here for much longer.

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