Day +101

That’s right. I’ve passed yet another milestone in my battle with the Funhouse Fever. It’s day +101 today. Apparently it’s a very big deal to pass the day +100 mark. I wish I can say it’s been uneventful, but no such luck. So far I’ve had a mild infection of the upper respiratory tract (no hospitalisation, thank goodness), a mild case of the GvHD (again, no hospitalisation required) and a reactivation of the CMV virus (alas, hospitalised).

While it’s not been as smooth as I would have liked, it’s not been rough as well. I spent most of my time at home and out and about when I can manage it. I worked from home (and enjoyed it too) and have been generally healthy and fine. I generally feel a lot better now than I did a month ago. I have more energy, my appetite is returning and I can walk for a lot longer without feeling out of breath. On a less positive note, I still feel cold most of the time. This makes taking a shower in winter a very unpleasant experience. Doesn’t help that the shower apparatus in the flat is a little temperamental.

To celebrate my 100th day post transplant, the family and I decided to have lunch at Singapore Gardens, a restaurant in the very chic St Johns Wood. But before that, we took a drive south west to Croydon. We are going to move to a nearby area in the new year, so it made sense to check it out before we moved. Overall it was a nice day out, besides a nappy disaster from Sophie which sparked a frantic hunt for a pair of baby tights in the stores.

We then drove to the restaurant (which was in the north west of London) and spent almost 1.5 hours in the car due to traffic. Luckily they kept the table for us and we had a very enjoyable meal. We started lunch very late so we had a very simple dinner, with a bottle of sparkling apple and ligonberry juice from Ikea. It was delicious by the way! 

So far so good I say, and although the first 100 days felt like an eternity, it’s a nice feeling now that it’s come and gone. The next milestone to look forward to will be day +200 and then 1 year post transplant. For now, I am looking really looking forward to an uneventful Christmas at home with the family. 🙂 It will be Sophie’s first and we have champagne and a roast planned, so it will be good. All I wish now is for an uneventful 99 days and an even more uneventful 265 days to the 1 year mark. 

  1. #1 by george on December 19, 2011 - 12:34 pm

    Congratulations son. To be honest, I did not keep count of the days but just pray and hope that every day is a good day for you and the families.

    Are you moving to Cos’s Apartment? Please make sure that you have Movers to do the moving for you. remember that you are NOT as strong as before and a lot of things that you can do in the past will have to wait.

    The best plan is for you to bring the family there with the essentials for Sophie and the family to survive for couple of meals until the stuff came. Live on frozen food for a few days!

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