And they’re gone

It’s finally time I guess. They can’t stay forever. It’s fantastic that they’ve been here since late August, helping out with the chores, with Sophie, offering the wife support, offering me support when I was in the hospital. They’ve endured a torrid Autumn and a (thankfully) mild Winter here. Overall, it’s been a good 5 months.

Yes, my mum and auntie left for the warm shores of Malaysia on 9th January. To say that our tiny flat is now much quieter is an understatement. While they helped the wife and I (especially the wife) out a lot, they were there for her emotionally as well. The wife definitely felt the void when they left.

But the one person who missed them the most was Sophie. She was only 3 weeks old when they came. She was quite a handful then, crying almost non-stop every day. But they adored Sophie and doted on her. Sophie adored them too and when they left, the poor girl was looking for her Mama (grandma) and Guma (grand auntie). She cried inconsolably for nearly 90 minutes the afternoon they left. Babies are habitual, and she’s gotten so used to falling asleep on Guma’s shoulder in the afternoon that no one else would do. We finally managed to calm her down by sitting her in front of the TV and getting her to watch ‘Deal or No Deal’, a game show that my mum and aunt used to watch in the afternoon. She was OK after that (thankfully).

It’s going to be harder and more tiring for the wife and I to look after Sophie now that we’re short of 2 pairs of hands, especially now that I’m going back to work a few days a week. But as parents, we have to do it. We managed it before they came, and we sure can manage it now. Plus she’s a lot easier to look after now.

Anyway, like I said before, they can’t stay forever. We were very fortunate that they’ve stayed for so long and helped out so much. For now, we just have to get back into the routine that we had before. 🙂 It’ll be good. 

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