Sophie’s world part 2

Looking back at some of the blog posts and I realised that it’s been quite a journey since that fateful day a year and a bit ago. We’ve all come a long way, especially Sophie who’s grown by leaps and bounds. She’s such a joy now and everyone who’s met her says that she’s such a cute and good baby; very attentive and observant to her surroundings. Makes us a parents proud. 🙂

I thought I update our timeline a little since it’s been 6 months since the last Sophie’s world post. Things have moved on since then and it’d be interesting to see how far we’ve come and how things have changed.

06:45 – Rise and shine. It’s time for Sophie’s morning milk and since she’s been sleeping in another room, we’ve been lazy. We normally wait and linger in bed till around 7am before getting her in for a feed.

07:30 – Back to bed. She’s normally done by this time, and I put her back into the cot while the wife and I both try to get a little more sleep.

07:45 – Wakey wakey 2. It’s time for me to get out of bed and get ready for work. I have my usual breakfast and coffee and read the morning news over the internet. Sophie’s usually asleep but if she’s not, she’ll be squealing and ‘pffting’ in her room. We usually let her be.

08:30 – Wakey wakey 3. The wife usually gets up at this time and prepares for Sophie’s breakfast of baby rice and milk. Sophie’s usually stirring by now but we let her lie in.

09:00 – Work time & breakfast. I leave for work. The wife feeds and changes Sophie while trying to gulp down her tea and toast before they turn cold.

10:00 – Play time. Most days the wife takes Sophie to the local play group in the area. She loves it. She gets to interact with other children and new toys, while the wife meets other mums in the area. Presumably to whinge about their useless husbands. 🙂

11:00 – Milk time. It’s time for Sophie’s mid morning feed. The wife’s usually still at play group and feeds her there.

12:00 – Lunch. The wife feeds Sophie her lunch, usually of pureed carrots or sweet potatoes. Yes, after her milk. She’s quite a glutton. The wife tries to enjoy her lunch as well, but usually ends up having cold pasta or soup.

13:00 – 14:00 Kicktime. The wife lets Sophie play around for a few hours after lunch while she does some chores, hoping that she’ll get tired and doze off eventually. No such luck unfortunately. She’s a little pocket rocket that one.

14:30 – Milk time. Yet another feed. She really drinks a lot of milk.

15:30 – Playtime. If the weather’s good, and if Sophie’s not sleeping, the wife takes her to the local playground for some time on the swings and see saws.

16:30 – Nap time. Sophie’s usually tired out from all the activity and takes a short nap. When I say short, I mean about 10 mins.

17:00 – Back, milk time and dinner! I’m home by this time. And spend a precious few moments with my girls before the chores start. Sophie gets her evening snack and dinner while Daddy prepares dinner.

18:00 – Bath time. This used to be scream time. But now it’s wiggle and fight time. She’s not scared of the water, but she just doesn’t sit still in the tub. Add soap and you get a slippery baby. Tons of fun. The wife takes a shower after this while I read Sophie her bedtime stories.

19:00 – Milk time. Sophie tanks up for the night, and usually falls asleep pretty soon after she has her milk. Daddy takes a shower and makes dinner.

20:00 – Dinner. Finally, some adult time. The wife (exhausted) and I (similarly so) sit down for dinner, rarely together as Sophie stirs quite frequently during this time. But we take what we can. We both sit down to get things done after dinner, or at rare moments, unwind.

23:00 – Milk time. Sophie’s midnight snack so she can last through the night. The wife and I also get ready for bed.

Midnight – Bedtime. We crawl into bed and are asleep almost instantly. Then the alarm goes, and the day starts over again.

Looking back it’s actually quite a change from the time table we had 6 months ago. The big difference is that she sleeps through the night now and the wife spends a lot of time outdoors with Sophie. Exhausting for the wife but good for Sophie.

It’ll be interesting to see what the schedule is like 6 months from now. 🙂 

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