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The NHS really sucks sometimes

One of my pet peeves is waiting for absolutely nothing at all. It’s a complete waste of time and shows a sheer and utter disregard for someone else’s time.

Basically I’ve been cleared to go home by the Haematology doctors. The levels of the CMV virus in my bloods have stabilised and are at a level where they’re comfortable with. But my blood results over the last 2 weeks have shown that my sodium levels are falling. Not alarmingly falling, but falling nonetheless. They’ve sent my blood and urine for analysis, and the results came back that I have SIADH. Basically something is making me pee too much and I am losing too much sodium that way.

So the doctors from the endocrine department want to see me before I leave the hospital to get to the bottom of this, and to deal with it. That’s the problem. It’s now 16:51 on Wednesday 7th Dec 2011. I’ve been waiting since 9:00 this morning. They’ve stopped my Ganciclovir infusion, and have given me pills instead. So technically, I can go and am discharged. Except for the fact that these blasted doctors from this department can’t seem to keep their appointments, and I have to stay in another day!

What a waste of time! I could have wrapped gifts, bought Christmas decorations, ran a lot of errands, got more work done; instead I am stuck here at the pleasure of these irresponsible doctors. It’s not like the nurses and doctors here haven’t tried to call them. They’ve called and paged them multiple times, but they just don’t bother to answer their pages. At least have to courtesy to pick up the phone and call if they’re busy. And if they can’t make it today, at least inform the patient so they can get on with their lives.

I hate the NHS sometimes. Some of them really think that they’re God’s gift to medicine.¬†


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I was poked by not 1, but 2 needles today, all in 2 minutes! Grrr. The doctor used the standard vacuum vial and its needle attachment initially, but the vacuum vial wasn’t working well and extracted too much blood (really?). He then decided to use a normal needle and syringe to extract the right amount of blood, and feed it manually into the vacuum vial, just to get the right amount of blood in.

Now I have 2 holes in my arm and as my blood loses its ability to clot and repair the damaged tissue, it bled for a while before clotting, and it’s starting to bruise.

Apparently¬†L-Asparaginase mucks up the blood’s ability to clot. So they do a clotting screen in addition to the usual array of tests they do on the blood every day. Today they found some contaminants in mine. The doctors think that the contaminants are from the Hickman Line. So they have to do it again, from the arm. Just to make sure.

What the nurses are supposed to do when they take blood via the Hickman Line is to extract an initial syringe of blood (i.e the residual blood from the Hickman Line) before taking blood for the tests. The nurse this morning probably didn’t extract enough.

So I should remind him/her to fill the syringe with the residual blood before taking blood for the vials.